About the Artist

Ashley Stonis is a Freelance Illustrator from the town of Covington in Kentucky. Since Childhood, Ashley has been intrigued by the detail and colors of illustrations in books. Soon, Ashley was spending entire days writing stories and illustrating the on any surface she could find–from restaurant napkins, flyers, and school workbooks.

Ashley took as MANY art classes as she could in high school, always asking to try new techniques and materials. Once she gained more artistic experience, she decided to combine her love of books and art into a single focus: Children’s Book Writing and Illustrating. Her illustrations are strongly inspired by the struggles that those around her face, combatted with the Hope and Life that God brings us. Ashley believes that everyone has a lesson they can share and teach other–it just depends on how willing they are to tell it. Her dream is to show children that they are extremely important and that they each have a special, unique role to play in God’s Plan.